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Entry #2

NO!!! at school...

2007-09-04 00:13:48 by UltimateDude

Well it's time for school again..Back to doing homework,having exams and all those school stuff.
No more playing(well maybe a little won't hurt).
So leave your thoughts about school(if you have it).


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2007-09-04 01:40:27

I don't mind school so much.
I just wish the people who are trying to be cool (the plastics) would leave me alone already!


2007-09-04 02:04:16

You're only in X grade which is only practice for X+1 grade anyway so don't worry about it. Spend as much time playing as you want.


2007-09-04 06:36:36

scaly2, I was using algebra you idiot

(plus I'm an Australian)


2007-09-04 07:38:09

I dread school because I need to wake up at 6:15 in the morning and I feel like I'm going to army camp, then school is boring, and then I get home and have so much homework, I have no time for what I love, animating.


2007-09-04 09:53:46

Woohoo For school


2007-09-04 10:16:30

schools not all bad. college can be a pain thow. heres hopeing for good teachers!